We Value Knowledge

The future is shaped by the volume of knowledge and how we use it. However, we think the World needs help in terms of academic literature. So we decided to share our expertise in Business, Law, Medicine and History. Hope you all enjoy.

Law and History

While studying history, legal approach to past events is an important but sometimes overlooked aspect in most writings. Law has a distinct field of work among social disciplines and understanding legal concepts opens us a brand new perspective for reading past events as, in fact almost every interaction in a society has a legal basis. Under this section, we aim to provide information regarding historical events and their political, social and cultural repercussions while introducing basic legal concepts and terms in order to make them comprehensible to any reader.

Economics and Business

Economics & Business is not just about money, it's about people. Their existence relies on the tendency of people to live together. Everyday, we make decisions based on these concepts and we're constantly serving a system whose dynamics are determined by Economics & Business. A noble prize winner economist George Stigler once said, "The public has chosen to speak and vote on economic problems, so the only open question is how intelligently it speaks and votes." and this is why we aim to increase literacy in terms of economics & business.


Health literacy is one of the most important topic in 21th century. It’s widely defined as the ability to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services to make appropriate health decisions. Health literacy is essential for successful access to care and use of services, self-care of chronic conditions,
and maintenance of health and wellness. Under this section, we aim to improve your health literacy and provide a different perspective on medicine and evolution.

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