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“The public has chosen to speak and vote on economic problems, so the only open question is how intelligently it speaks and votes.”

George Stigler

Why it’s significant to understand economics?

As George Stigler said, we all are involved in a system we all want to speak and vote on economics. However, the majority of us are not aware of both their and economic policy makers’ affect on their daily life. Let’s go deeper and understand why economic literacy is important.

What is economic literacy?

In short, it is the measure of whether people understand the forces significantly affect the quality of their lives.

Importance of economic literacy

People like to think and talk about the economic issues that affect them as consumers, workers, producers, investors, citizens and in other roles they assume over a lifetime. At this point, economic literacy enables people to understand and interpret the events that directly or indirectly effect them. So, if a country’s % penetration of economic literate population is high, the public is more likely to comprehend and evaluate critical issues in more professional manner. In other words, the more well educated people, the more quality of life in a society, which can be provided by economic literature.

Why it’s significant to understand businesses?

“If you believe in unlimited quality and act in all your business dealings with total integrity, the rest will take care of itself.”

Frank Perdue

What is a business?

Business is not just about money, it’s about people. From a non-profit organization to multi billion dollar company where there is an organization that people work for the same goal with different responsibilities, everything is an objective of business science.

Significance of business literacy

In today’s world, any product or service is accessible through various channels thanks to thriving business environment. Our welfare is increasing constantly because the competition the business ecosystem creates, forces organizations to be more innovative and customer oriented.

So while serving such system, consciously or unconsciously, we believe that all people should have enough business literacy to become aware of their roles in this gigantic ecosystem.